Diabetic review and monitoring

All people with diabetes should have regular check-ups, at least once per year and more frequently if your blood glucose (or “HbA1c” result) is above target.

You will be invited for your annual check-up by Karis medical centre

  1. Your first appointment will be with our healthcare assistant or nurse, who will take a blood test, along with your blood pressure, urine check, weight check and foot check.
  2. Your results will then be reviewed by a doctor who may send a copy of your results to you, by text message or post, for you to look at before your next appointment.
  3. You will then be invited for the second part of your annual health review with our diabetes team. The nurse or doctor will explain your test results and can help to advise you about any change in lifestyle or medication to help manage your diabetes.

    This is your opportunity to discuss any changes you may be able to make to achieve your goals. Before your appointment, please consider what your personal targets and goals may be and steps you can make to help you to achieve them.

We strongly recommend that you also attend your annual diabetic eye test. If your eye screening is overdue, please make an appointment by phoning 0121 661 2220.

Diabetes.org.uk info about diabetes

Diabetes UK (https://www.diabetes.org.uk/) have lots of helpful information, including practical information (for example about travel, driving), diet advice including recipes, advice about looking after your emotional wellbeing.

Foot care info

Below are useful resources to help you look after your feet when you have diabetes.

Please remember to check your feet every day and attend your annual diabetes reviews when invited at the surgery


Driving and diabetics taking insulin

Read gov.uk leaflet INF294 for more information about driving a car or motorbike with diabetes that’s treated with insulin.