Diabetic review

All patients with diabetes should be going for regular check ups at least once per year and more frequently if the glucose “HbA1c” result is above target.

  1. First, our health care assistant takes a blood test, along with your BP, urine check, weight check and foot check. 
  2. A follow up appointment is then arranged with the nurse.

You must also book an annual diabetic eye check with your optician.

1. Before your diabetic annual review

Before your annual diabetes care review our health care assistant (HCA) or nurse will:

  • Take your height and weight (to check if you are under or overweight)
  • Take your blood pressure
  • Take a blood test for glucose, kidney, liver and cholesterol levels 
  • Take a urine sample to check for protein
  • Check your feet for pulses and sensation

2. At your diabetic annual review

At your annual diabetes care review by telephone or face to face, the nurse will:

  • Review your blood pressure and weight
  • Review your blood tests in particular the glucose “HbA1c” result (most patients are aiming for 58 or less)
  • Discuss any issues you have with your diabetes or health in general
  • Advise any change in regimen, lifestyle or medication – including any side effects

Take a course to help you manage your diabetes

There are free education courses to help you learn more about and manage your type 2 diabetes.