Blood Pressure Self Monitoring

Reception blood pressure and weighing scales

New BP monitor and weighing scale are available in our waiting room. Please use and give results to reception. This is particularly for:

  • Text message request (SMS request for BP and/or weight)
  • Health checks (if age 40 to 74 every 5 years)
  • Monitoring BP (eg patients with diabetes and hypertension)

Purchase a blood pressure monitor

Alternatively, if you have been diagnosed with diabetes or hypertension, please consider buying a BP machine for the upper arm (not wrist) from your local pharmacist or online. Please check the BP machine is validated for home use: CLICK HERE TO CHECK. Examples of BP machines are available here

What to do if raised BP reading

If your BP is: 

  • More than 140/90 – Please repeat and if persists ask reception to arrange a 7 day home BP reading and book a telephone call with your GP in 1-2 weeks. We have a small supply of BP machines you can borrow from reception.
  • More than 180/110 – Please repeat and if persists ask reception to book an urgent appointment with your doctor